Foto nunta

Nunta Sorina si Bogdan

Casa Rustic

Nunta Teodora si Radu

Restaurant Barletto

Nunta Elisabeta si Dragos

Palatul Stirbei

Nunta Florentina si Catalin

Crystal Palace Ballroom

Nunta Ana Maria si Mihai

Marriott Hotel

Nunta Natalia si Catalin

Ambasad'or Events...


Nunta Iulia & Cristi

Hilton Hotel...

Nunta Andreea & Valentin

Militari Residence

Nunta Alexandra & George

Crystal Palace Ballroom...

Nunta Elena si Bogdan

Restaurant Zahana-Slobozia...

Nunta Anca si Andrei

Aristocrat Ballroom...

Nunta Alina si Radu

Previ Events Ballroom...

Nunta Madalina & George

Hotel Ramada Nord...

Nunta Alina si Catalin

Mc Mony's

Nunta Petronela & Gabi

Prezidential Ballroom

Nunta Iulia si Viorel

Previ Events

Nunta Vlad si Diana

Cazino, Sinaia...

Nunta Adriana & Marian

Alexander Hotel...

Nunta Ruxandra si Periklis

Ambasador Events ...

Nunta Cristi si Georgiana

Hotel Ramada Nord...

Nunta Raluca si Mihai

Howard Johnson

Nunta Giorgiana si Vlad

Casino Sinaia

Nunta Irina si Cornel

Hotel Ambasador

Nunta Cristina si Marian

Salon Traian

Nunta Roxana si Valentin

Salon du Mariage

Nunta Steluta si Daniel

Restaurant Cristal Videle

Nunta Liliana si Razvan

Restaurant Popasul Iancului

Nunta Ina si Mihai

Restaurant Sole

Nunta Daniela si Marius

Militari Ballroom

Nunta Gabriela si Claudiu

Palatul Stirbey

Nunta Valentina si Marian

Restaurant Ulmeni

Nunta Tatiana si Doru

Restaurant Latin

Nunta Denisa si Aurelian

Restaurant Castel Pitesti

Nunta Daniela si Ersan

Palatul Mogosoaia

Nunta Oana si Florin

Palatul Ghika

Nunta Adina si Bogdan

Restaurant Premiere

Nunta Liliana si Mihnea

Restaurant Scala Events

Nunta Elena si Mugurel

Restaurant Oscar Campina

Nunta Lorena si Sorin

Skala Events

Nunta Marinela si Dan

Regal Ballroom

Nunta Amelia si Dorian

Salon du Mariage

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